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This is Liliana. She and I went to middle school together and this is her empowering photoshoot.

Liliana reached out to me on Facebook about a photo session. She said she didn’t want a boudoir shoot but she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Later I spoke with a mutual friend and mentioned that Liliana had reached out. She proceeded to tell me how empowering a photoshoot would be for Liliana and proceeded to tell me her story.

This is not my story to tell so I will just keep it short and sweet to explain her “why”.

Liliana married her high school sweetheart. They were married for over 20 years, I believe, and then he lost his life.

She was emotionally paralyzed. She laid on her couch for 2 years and mourned him. See that tattoo? Her tribute to her love.
empowering photoshoot

So I messaged her and had her come in for a shoot on me. She was just starting to get back on her feet and I wanted to help however I could. What good is having a talent if you can’t use it to help others?

My makeup artist dolled her up while I did her hair and we got to shooting. She didn’t need to worry about wardrobe as I have plenty in the studio closet.

She shared her story with us and said she laid on her couch and gained 50 lbs. Then one day she just felt the need to get up. Something pushed her up off the couch and she never looked back. She started to get back in shape, got back to work and back to living. This photoshoot is is a celebration of her coming back to herself and starting anew.

Doesn’t she look empowered and ready for the next chapter of her life?
self love photoshoot

She said she had an amazing time at the studio and the photos make her smile from ear to ear every time she looks at them. That makes my heart sing.Her in this red is EVERYTHING!
empowering photoshoot

Everyone has their reasons why. Actually, you don’t even NEED a why? Why not do a shoot just BECAUSE?! There’s nothing wrong with self love and self care. Haven’t you heard? It’s actually very én trend right now. Why not make an absolutely glamorous and stunning beauty photo session part of your self love journey? An empowering photoshoot may be just what the doctor ordered.

I watch Liliana’s stories on social media and she is so full of life and joy. It gives me a thrill to think I had even the tiniest part in that. GIRL POWER!

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