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What is Boudoir Photography?

Many often wonder “what is Boudoir Photography”? In this blog post I’m going to try and break it down for you because I think it’s really important that women understand what boudoir photography is … and isn’t.

The term “boudoir” simply means bedroom. So originally boudoir photography just meant photos done in the bedroom or “bedroom style” images. This genre of photography became really popular among brides looking to give their fiancés something special for their wedding gift. Picture lots of white lingerie with veils.

Since then, boudoir has come to mean lots of things. Actually a boudoir photography session can really be ANYTHING you want it to be.

From very sexy and sultry to show off your physique …

And highlight your favorite body parts …
what is boudoir photography

To fine art where you become the artwork:
what is boudoir photography

Fine art are some of the most popular forms of boudoir photography for wall portraits. Imagine one of those black and white beauties hanging on a bedroom wall or a master bathroom like the one below!
what is boudoir photography

Your images can be very “Old Hollywood Glam” style …
what is boudoir photography

Or very bedroom focussed ..
what is boudoir photography

Essentially, your boudoir photo session can be anything you want it to be. Don’t want to wear lingerie? No problem. There’s something very sexy about a cute fuzzy sweater and a pair of panties. Prefer something more elegant and sophisticated? I’ve got you covered … pun intended. Want to recreate an Old Master painting? Sounds great! Whatever your heart desires can become a reality when we put your vision and my skills together.

No one says you have to be nude, semi nude or even CLOSE TO NUDE in order to create sexy images. Our boudoir shoots are customized for each client. They are customized to your style, your comfort level and designed to covey whatever you want.

This genre used to be a “gift session”. Not any more! Women are gifting boudoir sessions to themselves and to the special women in their lives. What an amazing gift for a friend or family member. Boudoir has become synonymous with empowerment. Women LOVE to give themselves this amazing experience to help boost their self confidence. Seeing yourself like the goddess you are is an amazing feeling.

A word about nudity … boudoir does not mean nudes. I’ve done boudoir sessions where the client is strategically covered with fabrics, clothes, furniture etc and they are just as beautiful. Implied nudes can be very beautiful, elegant and sensual. Again, your boudoir shoot is all about YOU, how you want to feel and how you want to express yourself.

Let’s create something that’s uniquely you.

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