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Save Money on Baby Stuff

This post has NOTHING to do with baby photography. BUT, since I work with so many babies and so many new parents, I thought I’d share a great little tip on how to save money on baby stuff that your little bundle of joy will quickly outgrow.

Did you know that there are TONS of Facebook groups out there that are a virtual yardsale? But you can easily search specifically for the item you need? I belong to one called Resale Renegades which serves the Burlington County and I think Camden County areas. It’s basically a private group of mostly women who post their items in this group that are for sale for a FRACTION of the retail price. Most items are used but well taken care of, but some items are new.

I LOVE this group. I literally browse it all the time to see what goods people are selling. I’ve bought all kinds of things and sold just about everything in my garage on there when I was cleaning it out to build my studio. I made HUNDREDS of dollars selling on this group. It’s all cash and there are NO FEES.

If you’ve been to my studio in Marlton then you’ve undoubtedly seen my beautiful bookcase where I keep my baby wraps and some props. It is SOLID WOOD (you don’t find that very often any more and when you do it’s PRICEY). It was a dark color so I painted it white, distressed it and waxed it. It is now one of my favorite things in the studio. It cost me all of $40!!!!!

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And, because this is a group filled with local women, it was my son’s 2nd grade teacher that sold it to me. Which is much better than going to some stranger’s house from Craigslist. I only shop locally unless it’s an amazing find.

This group is AMAZING for baby products. ALL TYPES!! I spent so much money on baby and toddler toys. SO MUCH MONEY! My middle son loved Thomas the Tank Engine so we spent hundreds on a train table. I’ve seen the same table in this group for $20!!!

Ok, so my point is, these groups are not just in my area, they are EVERYWHERE. I told my sister about it who is up in North Jersey. She found a local group and purchased a gorgeous dinette set for her kitchen. You have to search resell groups in your area, ask to join the group and make sure you follow their rules as they’re in place so everyone has smooth transactions.

So if you want to save some money on baby products, or ANY products really (on any given day someone is selling a Coach purse) or need to sell stuff your baby is outgrowing, check out any local resale groups in your area. Just please don’t blame me if you get addicted to shopping and selling on it. But you will save money and can make some money too!

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