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Decorating Your Home with Photos

My studio has always sold printed photographs for the home from the day I opened. Designing wall art is one of my favorite things to do for clients. I’m a firm believer in decorating your home with photos and I’ll tell you why.

First, images are lost on your computer. I don’t mean lost to never be found again. Yes, of course that can and does happen … often. What I mean is that you’ll forget they exist. Except for every few years when you get a new computer and have to move all of your files. Then you may happen to see the folder and skim through it briefly. Think about all the photos you’ve taken on your phone that you’ve NEVER looked at again.

When you have physical professional quality printed photographs, that’s something special. It’s tangible. You can walk by an album and be drawn to browse through it often. If you have decorated your home with photos, you can enjoy your wall art every single day. That is where the value really is, in something you can enjoy daily. Something that will last for years to come and when taken care of can be passed down through generations.
decorating your home with photos

I have 3 grown sons and they often pull albums off our bookcase and flip through them. Guess how many times they’ve asked to see vacation photos that are sitting on the computer. Never. Unless they need something for a school project. And then it becomes a quest to find these buried photos labeled some obscure name.

The walls in my house are a walk down memory lane. There’s a blog post planned with a photo tour of the walls in my home and all the albums.

Now you may be wondering what type of photos are appropriate when decorating your home with photos. The answer is, it’s your home. You make the rules. Our clients regularly buy maternity galleries like the one below.
decorating your home with photos

Boudoir photos are very popular for bedrooms and primary baths. My favorites are the fine art black and white boudoir wall portraits which are very popular printed on metal or acrylic.
decorating your home with photos
decorating your home with photos

Couple’s photos are also a beautiful addition to your bedroom
decorating your home with photos

Baby photos can go literally anywhere. Our clients love displaying photos from their newborn session in common areas and the nursery.
decorating your home with photos
decorating your home with photos

The best part is that our ordering system allows us to import images of your walls so we can select the best image(s) and size(s) for that space. We take out any guesswork.

Your images are delivered ready to be displayed and enjoyed and come with their matching digital copies so you can share them online as well.

Need framing? We handle that too!!! We are your one stop shop and our goal is for you to be able to enjoy your images as soon as they’re delivered and for many many years to come.

You can’t get all of that from photos sitting on a computer. Trust me, your family will NEVER ask to look at them and they will go to waste on a hard drive and never see the light of day.

Don’t your special memories deserve more than that?

Get in touch and we’ll create gorgeous portraits for you and your family and we’ll help you choose everything down to the frame.

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south jersey boudoir photographer
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