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When it comes to showing my images to my clients, I go against the grain of what is popular today and I offer In Person Viewing.  I call these “View and Choose” appointments because it is when my clients come in to view their images, make their selections and place their order.

In today’s digital society of doing everything on your computer, I know the trend is to put up a gallery, email it to the client and let them sit at home and pick their photos.  But here is why I do it differently.

1.  I think it is a disservice to you, the client, to show you your images in this way for many reasons.  Every monitor is going to be calibrated differently IF calibrated at all.  So the image I took of your baby wrapped in a beautiful soft gray…may look GREEN or BLUE on your monitor.  And baby’s skin might look reddish or yellow.  Not a true representation of the image which was processed on my carefully calibrated monitor.

2.  The Excitement.  Yes, it might be a little exciting to open up the link and view the images.  But it’s not the same as coming in to the studio, sitting on the couch, and viewing a slideshow of your images on a HUGE screen.  And it’s set to music.  Parents LOVE it!  I always look over and love seeing the smiles on their faces.  Some moms cry when the slideshow starts to play.  It’s a moving experience and it’s lovely.

3. Products.  It’s very difficult to make a decision on what products you like best based on memory.  Sure you can view the products during your photography session, but will you really remember the fabric of the image box or the feel of the canvas versus a mounted print? Probably not.  If you are IN the studio when making your decisions, you can touch all the products.  Flip them over in your hands and really decide if you love it.

4 .THE SYSTEM IS AWESOME!!!  I have the best state of the art system to present your images and help you make decisions.  It truly is a presentation.  After the slideshow, we go through your images and sort them.  You can always go through each stack and move them around.  It helps you narrow down your favorites.

Want to see how your images will look on YOUR wall?  No problem…I’ve got it covered.  Check out the image below.

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Want to see how they look framed??  No problem.  Got it covered.

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These photos can be of YOUR OWN walls.  By just following a few simple instructions, you can send me photos of your walls and they can be loaded into the system and the size of the images are calibrated so you can see the difference between different size prints on your wall.  No guessing if the print you’re ordering is too big or too small (too small is never good) or if this image would look better with the  wall color as opposed to that one.  OR, how will this look over the fireplace?  Very simple.  Send me a photo of wall including the fireplace, following my guidelines and I can show you your images of your gorgeous little newborn sized perfectly above your fireplace.  It takes the guesswork out of it.  I encourage every client to take advantage of this feature as it is truly unique and indispensable in helping you choose the right images as well as the right size for your home.  You CAN NOT do this from a gallery on your laptop.  So take advantage of it when you come in for your View and Choose appointment.  Here are some really simple instructions with a sample image.

This is just one of the things the system does.  I can show you so many possibilities and create some really beautiful wall art customized to your home.

Check out the video below that shows how easy it is to create a canvas cluster.


It is a much better experience and much easier than just looking at the images in a gallery on your laptop.  All of my clients who have come in for their View and Choose appointment LOVE the system and always compliment how great it is and how it makes the selection process much easier.  Clients leave confident knowing that what they are purchasing is going to look amazing on their walls and without fear that they may have purchased something too big or too small.

I hope this post gave you a little insight into the View and Choose appointment and why it is so beneficial to come to the studio and go through the system.

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