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Themed Maternity Shoot

Welcome to the world of themed maternity shoots! We’ve seen everything from underwater mermaid shoots to superhero-themed shoots, but this one takes the cake. Recently, we had the pleasure of capturing a white trash themed maternity shoot. Yes, you read that right – white trash!
themed maternity shoot

Now, before you get all judgy, let us explain. The client in question has a great sense of humor and wanted to do something out of the box for her maternity shoot. And boy, did she deliver! We’re talking beer cans, cigarettes, and a whole lot of attitude.
themed maternity shoot

But don’t worry, folks. The beer cans were empty and the cigarettes were never lit. We don’t promote unhealthy habits, even in the name of art. The shoot was all about having fun and showing off the client’s personality.
white trash themed maternity shoot

The photos themselves were a riot. The client donned a leopard print faux fur, shades and a cut off top. Her partner joined in on the fun with a trucker hat and a white tank top, socks and Crocs. I set them up with some PBR and cigarettes.
white trash themed maternity shoot

The best part? The photos were incredibly colorful and fun. The client’s bright red lipstick popped and purple hair popped against the background. The overall effect was equal parts hilarious and stunning.
themed maternity shoot

We know that some people might be offended by this shoot, but we urge you to keep an open mind. Themed maternity shoots are all about celebrating the client’s unique personality and style. And in this case, the client’s sense of humor shone through in every shot.

So, if you’re thinking about doing a themed maternity shoot, we say go for it! Hit me up! Whether you want to channel your inner mermaid or your inner redneck, we’re here to capture your vision. Just remember – no actual beer or cigarettes allowed.

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