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Newborn Session Prep

Follow these few newborn session prep instructions to ensure your baby arrives sleepy and content, ready for his moment in the spotlight.

Proper preparation for your newborn photography session is crucial to making sure we make the most of your time in the studio.

Before the Session:
–  If you are nursing, stay away from spicy foods and caffeine at least one day prior to the session.  It can make your baby a little irritable and we want their tummy be nice and settled.
– Please pump and bring a few bottles as babies tend to fall asleep on the breast.  We need baby to have a full tummy in order to keep them content and sleepy during their photo modeling debut.
–  Try to keep baby up for a while (an hour or 2) before you’re set to leave the house.
– Dress the baby in clothing with buttons or snaps in the front or loose clothing so that I do not have to pull clothing over their head.
– Give the baby a full feeding just before leaving so he’ll fall asleep in the car.  He should still be pretty sleepy when he arrives.  If you are nursing, I will have you handle him as little as possible as your smell will make him hungry (hence the need for bottles even if you’re breastfeeding).  We will most likely need to feed baby a couple of times during the session.  It’s always best to er on the side of caution and bring extra.  I have a mini fridge to keep your milk fresh.
– Please bring a pacifier as it can really help keep babies settled in between poses.  I do have extra sterilized pacifiers in the studio for your convenience.  I do not require parents to give the baby a pacifier but it can be very helpful in keeping that baby settled during the session and it will not form a habit during the small amount of time that we’ll use it if necessary.
– I understand getting out of the house with a newborn is difficult so as a courtesy we allow a 30 extra minutes for your arrival.   If you will be more than 30 minutes late, you will need to reschedule your session and will incur a new session fee.
What to Bring:
The studio has baby wipes and diapers for your convenience.  If you are bottle feeding or pumping, I ask that you bring a few bottles as babies tend to get hungry during their sessions and at times need a 5-10 minute feeding to get settled.  We have a fridge where you can keep the bottles if needed.  Everything else is provided for you.  If you have any personal items that you’d like included in the photos, please let me know in advance so I can pull colors to match and have them ready to go.

If you plan to be photographed with your baby, please wear matching solid colors.  They should be within the same tones.  Light colors work best but dark colors are fine as long as you are both wearing either light or dark.  Please wear something you feel good in but keep in mind that bright colors and patterns are distracting in these types of photos.  PLEASE NO SPORTS LOGOS, LARGE LOGOS, LARGE LETTERING, ETC.

Please remember that there is no outside photography or videotaping allowed in the studio and doing so will bring your session to an end.
Also, please keep in mind that almost every baby I’ve photographed has pee’d or pooped in the studio (or on me).  They all do it and it’s almost unavoidable when we’re doing those cute nude photos.  I keep their diaper on as long as possible to keep things as clean as possible  But parents always apologize when a baby soils a fabric and there is no need.  It’s just a part of newborn photography and everything is washed immediately after the session.  So please don’t worry if that happens during your session as I am quite used to it and expect it.
Most importantly, don’t stress if the baby takes a while to settle.  Every baby is different.  I don’t rush through my sessions so rest assured that I will give your baby the time they need to have a happy, comfortable and successful portrait session.  I love to cuddle them and babies sense stress.  Bring something to read or catch up on your emails.  Take a little YOU time while I work with your precious little one and enjoy the time we have together creating beautiful heirloom photos.

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