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Newborn photography is my passion.  I have been photographing newborn babies in my South Jersey studio for over a decade.  Newborns are only this tiny for a very short period of time.  These photographs of your teeny tiny new love will not only forever be your favorite images, but they will one day be your child’s favorites as well.  You only get one chance, make sure it’s done right.

Newborn photography is best done within 5-15 days of birth.  We photograph babies at all ages but 5-15 days is ideal to achieve these beautiful newborn poses.

Contact me during your pregnancy to get your due date on the calendar.  Once your baby arrives, we’ll set an actual date and time for your newborn photography session.

I never rush through newborn sessions.  Every newborn is different so I leave plenty of time for feedings and settling.  I want to make sure your newborn session is enjoyable and stress free.

My south Jersey studio provides everything you need for a beautiful and successful session.  We are located in Marlton and my studio will make you feel right at a home.

Newborn photography safety is one of my top priorities.  I am the founder of AANPS which trains and certifies photographers in newborn photography safety.  I am well experienced in newborn handling and posing and will never put your baby at risk or in any discomfort.  Read more about newborn photography safety.

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Safety during your newborn session

Preparing for your newborn session

There are so many important moments in your child’s life.  But few are as precious as when your baby is brand new.  The idea of newborn photography is to capture just how tiny and new your baby is.  How they fit in your arms, how their fingers curl up, the beauty of their perfectly shaped lips.  These are the details that I aim to capture.  Your baby will change so very fast.  All those little details will be soon forgotten as they grow and change.  I’m always amazed at how much a baby changes just within a few weeks.  That newborn look fades so quickly.

Newborn photos are really a special skill.  It requires a special hand and a lot of patience.  Your photographer should be very experienced and adept in newborn handling and posing.  Not all photographers are created equal and no one should “practice” on your baby.  If you really want exceptional images, make sure your photographer is experienced with newborns.  Remember that these babies are brand new.  Often times we are photographing babies that are only 5-14 days old and they need to be handled with care.


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