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Newborn Photography Session in South Jersey Studio

I love this newborn session so much!  Mom and dad are clients from about 10 years ago.  I was surprised to hear from them after so long but several years after their last baby, they were pregnant for the third time with this little beauty. So they brought her in for her newborn photography session in our South Jersey Studio.

She was wide awake when we started and got this first image which has become one of my favorites.

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This is one of my favorites. Awake newborn photos are becoming exceedingly popular and I’m so happy I was able to capture this adorable one.

She then dozed off and was all smiles for me! We did so many adorable newborn photos with her. She looked beautiful in every color. I got to use my new little wheelbarrow prop which I just love.

South jersey Newborn Photographer

She loved to smile for me and this dimple is just too much!

Newborn Photography Session in Marlton Studio

Such a cute photo in our newborn wheelbarrow prop.

It’s so fun to watch families grow throughout the years. I photographed bother her brother and sister when they were tiny newborns. And now years later I get to work with the newest addition to the family. The images are very different of course as newborn photography has come a long way, and so have my skills.

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Here is her big brother during his newborn session back in 2007.

south jersey newborn photographer

Here’s her big sister during her newborn session in 2009.

newborn photography session

She was so fun to pose. Our newborn sessions take place during the first 2 weeks to get these cute newborn poses.

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Our nest is one of our most requested and popular props. We have such a beautiful assortment of newborn props available for use during your newborn session.

newborn photography session in South Jersey studio

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Mom and dad opted for this AMAZING canvas cluster of 9 10×10 squares.  What a perfect display for their home.

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If  you’d like to have your newborn photography session with ADC Photography, please reach out before baby is born to ensure your session is within two weeks of baby’s arrival. Email, call 856-448-4815, or use our contact page to get in touch.

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