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Editorial Maternity Photoshoot

This beautiful momma was recently in our south jersey studio for her editorial maternity photoshoot.

We collaborated to come up with this beautiful and contemporary style.

First up some dramatic photos in our sheer mesh form fitting dress.

editorial maternity photoshoot
editorial maternity photoshoot

Next some contemporary images in one of our body con maternity dresses.

editorial maternity photoshoot

Bodysuits are one of my favorite pieces of clothing for an editorial maternity photoshoot. They compliment everyone and really show off that baby bump. I love the white on light gray we chose for this series.

editorial maternity photoshoot

These images here is why we do design consults. When this client said she wanted to bring a kimono to celebrate her Japanese heritage I was ALL IN and new exactly how I wanted to photograph her in. I love incorporating things that are personal to my clients or cultural.

editorial maternity photoshoot

No maternity photoshoot is complete without some flowing fabric images. I do these at pretty much every maternity shoot. They’re just so classic and timeless.


Because who doesn’t want to be photographed in the most Lucious pink ruffle robe you’ve ever seen?? And … I also have it in blue.

editorial maternity photoshoot

Last but certainly not least … one of my favorite shots. I call it “Baby Moon”. I love the pregnant form and this is a very artful way to have a nude image without it being revealing at all.

editorial maternity photoshoot

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. Ummm … almost a year. In that year I’ve done so many maternity photoshoots that it’s crazy. And I’ve loved every minute of it. I think I’ve really discovered my style and it’s this editorial magazine style. Who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity in a magazine as a result of their photoshoot? I know I do! Anywho, so since I’m just so in love with maternity and women’s portraits right now, what better way to welcome back my blog than with an editorial maternity photoshoot? You’ll be seeing a whole lot of these since I’ve been shooting so many.  I am going to TRY TO COMMIT (is that already failing to commit??) to blogging weekly. We’ll see how that goes. No seriously … I’m going to try really really hard. lol.

If you follow this blog please stay tuned for some really exciting news as there is a WHOLE LOT going on at the studio and lots of exciting changes are happening.

One of those changes is that I’ve added Women’s Portraits to my services.  That means boudoir, beauty, glam, branding, you name it!  Sometimes it’s a combination of things.  So get ready to see some more women’s portraits on the blog and not just maternity photoshoots.

If you have not joined our SUPER RIDICULOUSLY FUN women’s group … please request to join It’s for women 18 and over only and WARNING … we get a little off the rails. For instance … I’m currently Facebook banned for 24 hours for something I tried to post. LOL! You’ve been warned.

If you LOVE my work, and I hope you do, and you or some you know is expecting; please reach out to me several months prior to your due date. Maternity photos should be done at 28-32 weeks and I do typically book out a few months in advance.

‘Til next time … toodles y’all!

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south jersey boudoir photographer
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