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Boudoir Maternity Photoshoot

Did you know that boudoir maternity photoshoot (s) are one of the things I do most in the studio?

YESSS!!! Most clients want elegant and beautiful images they can proudly display. For those maternity images we have dresses, fabrics, flowers, luxurious ruffle robes and more. Everything is provided for you and NO we do NOT charge to rent our dresses for your shoot. That’s why we have them. A whole closet full of dresses, tops, fabrics and robes.


BUT, almost EVERY SINGLE maternity client ends up either nude or half nude and thus part of the session is boudoir … minus the lingerie. So it’s really a boudoir maternity photoshoot … and I LOVE THEM!!
WHY NOT show off your gorgeous round belly? You should want to capture every inch of your body as it creates your lovely little human and remember just how glowingly beautiful you are during one of the most magical times of your life. Remember what it looked and felt like to carry your baby safely in your belly in the most BEAUTIFUL way possible.

We can do implied nude with one of our sheer dresses …
boudoir maternity photoshoot

… or you can be daring and take it all off! Trust me there’s NOTHING I haven’t seen after 18 years of photographing pregnant women. No need to be shy here! AND … it’s women only in the studio (except for your significant other of course) during your shoot.


Whether you choose an elegant, casual, demure or boudoir maternity session, we will be here to make you feel like the Goddess that you are and cheer you on all the way!

The one things I hear most at the end of every shoot is “That was so much fun!”

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south jersey boudoir photographer
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