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About Janice Morse – Marlton NJ Newborn Photographer

Janice Morse - Marlton NJ Newborn Photographer

Thanks for stopping by the ADC Photography blog.  I’m Janice Morse – Marlton NJ Newborn Photographer who specializes in newborn, maternity and family photography.

Who I Am…

These photos are me to a T except that I’m USUALLY in jeans due to the nature of my work.  But this is what happens when I try to have my own professional portraits taken.  I start to giggle like a child and make it difficult for the photographer to concentrate because we’re both cracking up at my antics.

I have 3 sons who keep me busy on evenings and weekends with all sorts of sports.  And I really and truly love my work and love creating family heirlooms of your precious children and showing women how beautiful they are as a mother, wife, sister or just a an amazing person in general.

I’m a kid a heart.  My kids would say that I should act my age, but I know they love it.  I love pranks, jokes and just love to laugh in general.  I will totally admit that videos of people falling down make CRACK ME UP.   I don’t know why…they just do.  I mean…like… FITS of laughter.

My Experience…

I have almost 12 years of experience in professional photography AND with newborns.  There are a vast amount of newborn photographers these days.  But there are only a handful of who have over a decade of experience in newborn photography.  I have extensive training in newborn posing and safety.  These 2 factors should be a top priority when choosing a photographer.  You are handing over your precious little bundle to a stranger and you should be at ease knowing that this person knows what they are doing and isn’t learning or practicing on your baby.  Remember, this is a newborn baby who is only a few days old so the person working with them should be very experienced and knowledgable in newborn safety, handling and safe posing.

Beauty and head shots are my new adventure and I will be linking to a new site showing off that portfolio in the very near future.

The Studio…

I’ve had 3 commercial studios and a few years ago I built a home studio. I LOVE working at home.  It just has all the comforts needed to work with newborns.  Need a bottle warmed up?  No problem.  Pacifier needs to be rinsed?  Got it.  Want a cup of coffee?  It’s all right here for you.  It’s the perfect space for what I do and it’s set up specifically for newborn and maternity sessions.  Your baby is comfortable and warm at all times.  You can just sit and relax, catch up on some emails or read a magazine while I take beautiful photos of your precious little bundle.

My Style…

My style is clean, organic and rich.  I do have a TON of props but I usually use soft colors to compliment baby’s skin tone.  All the props, hats, headbands, wraps etc you see on this blog or site are provided by the studio except for the occasional personal prop that parents provide.  Most of the accessories you’ll find in the studio are one of a kind because I hand make most of them.  From the knit hats to the tutus to the headbands.  It’s my hobby so that works out well!

I do have a certain style but sessions are customized for each client.  Custom photography is the only way to achieve a look that will compliment the decor in your home, baby’s room and your personal style.

Please give me a call or email me at 856-448-4815 or info@southjerseyphotographer.com if you’d like to chat about custom photography for your newborn,  maternity, beauty or headshot session.  Newborn sessions should be booked prior to baby’s arrival.  I just need your due date and I’ll take care of the rest.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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